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FREE Standard Delivery when you spend $188
Planting  Tips

Planting Tips

Plants grow, increase in size, and eventually need to move to a new pot. The new pot could be smaller, bigger or maybe even similar-size pot.

Repotting or Up-Potting. Repotting usually means moving a plant from a grower's pot to a more decorative pot. It is also necessary if your pot is broken.

Up-Potting tends to mean moving your plant to a large pot. Do it gradually, for e.g. a 4 inch pot, move up to a 6 inch pot.

The only requirement to any pot is proper drainage meaning a drainage hole. If you have a pot without drainage hole, it can be used as a cachepot which means lowerpot holder. However, if you still want to go with the pot, you will have to drill a hole. Before adding your soil, place a window screening over the hole, this will keep the potting medium intact and water to flow out.